Providing Construction Management Services
Lyness provides construction management services to our specialized clients. We have constructed many industrial, institutional and commercial buildings with the chosen method. The budgeting and building phases run transparent allowing for substantial savings for the owner. Ask us how these approaches can benefit you and your organization of any size and budget on your next construction project.... Read The Rest
New Buildings or Renovated Facilities
Lyness offers only the best in service when it comes to your new building or your renovated facility. We take the time to understand the owners needs, drafting designs and laying out construction plans for review before the project gets underway. Lyness Construction has a lengthy history of successful construction jobs for many different school districts, warehouses, oil and gas facilities and even government buildings. We not only offer construction for public facilities, but construction for private facilities as well. Our highly qualified employees and subcontractors are safe, experienced and professional, focusing on getting the construction job done.We are trained... Read The Rest
Concrete Repair and Improvements
Delivering everything from concrete repair to concrete improvements for your facility or business, Lyness Construction, LP is your concrete specialist. As a capable and skilled construction company, we offer everything from concrete repair to concrete improvements for your facility or business. We understand how difficult it can be whenever your foundation has been altered or the concrete used is beginning to crack and that's why Lyness Construction would like to help. Our highly-skilled construction management specialists will ensure that both the construction company and our client will understand what the plan is when it comes to the concrete and how... Read The Rest
Foundations For All of Your Equipment
If you are in the manufacturing industry, you know how much it takes to support large specialized equipment; that's right, a concrete foundation, and at Lyness, we can help. We have been in the business for over 30 years, and because of our experienced team and hard working contractors, we can easily build a foundation for all of your equipment, no matter the size or type of concrete needed. Don't know what size or type of foundation you need? Well don't worry, we can help set up and determine what is needed to support any specialized equipment at your facility from... Read The Rest
Specializing in Concrete Floors
It's not uncommon for floors to wear down and get old or cracked and that's why Lyness Construction, LP offers a solution. The specialized focus of our company is concrete construction and by working with us as our client, you will receive quality service and cooperation. We take pride in listening to what you want, and how you would like the construction to be completed. In addition to this, we will offer you a guaranteed price estimate as well as provide you a solid time frame in which the construction can be completed.As one of the best, Lyness Construction, LP... Read The Rest
Earthwork for Roadway and Site Work Projects
Lyness Construction, LP not only has the multiple types of equipment to meet nearly every project need, it also has the workforce to meet the most ambitious schedules. We self-perform all earthwork for our roadway and site work projects and take on jobs ranging from several thousand to several million cubic yards. The success of our business is a result of our dedication to providing our customers with honest, reliable service. We strive to always provide accurate estimates and complete all work on schedule and to the highest standards. From new commercial developments and existing site expansions to water main and sewer... Read The Rest
Underground Utility Installers
The underground utility installers at Lyness Construction, LP know firsthand that dealing with underground utilities — that must function properly and remain structurally sound for decades — requires accuracy and precision, combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our services include storm and sanitary sewers, culverts and water mains. Precision craftsmanship and technical know-how serve as the standard for every project. Our underground utilities installation crews bring a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience to a wide variety of underground installation projects — including emergency repairs, brick and sanitary sewer reconstruction, creek diversions, storm trap water detention systems, box culverts and wastewater treatment... Read The Rest
Turn-key Solutions for Specialty Fabrication
We also specialize in installation of your heavy machinery once fabrication is complete, so you can turn to Lyness Construction, LP for a turn-key solution to your specialty fabrication needs. In addition, we are often called upon to make modifications to existing equipment and material handling devices. If you are thinking of modifying existing equipment, we can work with you to develop the most cost-effective way to go about it. You can be confident that your machinery modification will be accomplished with little disruptions to your operations. We have a proven record of efficient and safe modification projects.... Read The Rest
Scheduled Shutdowns or Maintenance Support
Lyness Construction, LP can run concurrently with your company schedules during any shutdowns or maintenance required by company policy or law. We take pride in providing or contracting the best people with the most knowledge to get you back up and running as soon as safely possible.  When the integrity of your facility and/or equipment is on the line, you can rest assured the job is done right – both on time and with safety at top of mind.  Equipment settings and startup is only part of running a successful plant / facility . We make sure to handle those ever-important... Read The Rest
Specialized Demolition Services
Lyness Construction, LP understands the work that goes into demolition and how the project should be handled; with the swift and safe cleanup of debris and the client's needs in mind. We offer specialized demolition services to our construction clients. Our team of construction professionals ensure that the work is safe and that the project is executed correctly. Tornado's and other weather related damage are likely in Texas and Oklahoma. We will provide an accurate and complete pricing of our demolition process as well as planning the project. Connect with us for a site assessment and recommendation.... Read The Rest
One-Stop Shop for Aggregate Materials
Lyness Materials is your one-stop shop for any aggregate materials you may need. We can help you simplify your next project by providing a wide range of products and services ranging from sand and gravel all the way to trucking services for the general public, contractors, road crews and more! We are located in Cleburne, Texas and service Johnson County and all of the surrounding areas.  We provide our customers with high-quality, clean aggregate materials that can be delivered directly to your job site when you need it. Our aggregate is utilized in construction projects ranging from highway roads and concrete... Read The Rest

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