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Full Service General Contractor

Lyness Construction is a full-service general contractor specializing in the commercial, industrial and civil construction markets. Our project delivery is focused on creating intelligent and efficient solutions. We work to build long-term relationships with our clients and all partners

within the course of business, whether they are a project owner or another general contractor that we have partnered with to conduct the civil site work of a project. Our members have in-depth experience with all phases of construction and development. We work closely with architects, engineers, owners, commercial developers, boards, nonprofits and institutions, and many other civic and industrial leaders.

Our clients appreciate our proactive communication, transparency, and ability to help control a construction schedule and budget by self-performing earthwork, concrete, and utilities. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right with precision and accuracy. Lyness Construction's thoroughness during pre-construction often results in substantial savings for the client.

We also pride ourselves on being a concrete example of getting the job done right with precision and accuracy. Lyness Construction stands by their work and you can be assured that your project will meet the safety and quality standard Lyness Construction is known for, with superior customer service.

We Build What Builds You, Your Partner With Purpose

Trusted since 1989, Lyness Construction specializes in improving operations in industrial goods/services, energy, education, government, and nonprofits. Our projects enhance economic and community growth and quality of life through a more efficient and sustainably built environment.

We provide superior customer service from the initial bidding stage through project completion. We offer flexible and aggressive schedules to our clients who need to complete a project with minimal disruption to their operations.

Our Markets

Commercial - Industrial - Civil Facilities

Educational, Religious, Municipal, County, State, Federal, Nonprofits

Industrial and Manufacturing, Mining, Milling, Processing, Refining, Compounding, Energy and Power, Oil and Gas

Site Work, Utilities, Infrastructure and Public Works, Geotechnical, Environmental Construction, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Streams, Watersheds, Wetlands, Ponds, Water Reservoirs, Terraces, and Drainages, Development, Improvement, and Reclamation of Land, Farms and Ranches

Full Service General Contractor

Commercial, Industrial, and Civil Projects