General Contractor

New Buildings or Renovated Facilities

Lyness offers only the best in service when it comes to your new building or your renovated facility. We take the time to understand the owners needs, drafting designs and laying out construction plans for review before the project gets underway.

Lyness Construction has a lengthy history of successful construction jobs for many different school districts, warehouses, oil and gas facilities and even government buildings. We not only offer construction for public facilities, but construction for private facilities as well. Our highly qualified employees and subcontractors are safe, experienced and professional, focusing on getting the construction job done.

We are trained professionals with a primary goal of safely achieving the best construction value possible in the shortest amount of time as possible so that you can get your project constructed to your specifications. Our job is to to offer you a wide variety of options and ensure that we produce quality results that you can be proud of.

Full Service General Contractor

Commercial, Industrial, and Civil Projects